Verizon Corporate Office & Headquarter


Verizon is big broadcast communications, Internet and TV organization in the United States. This company is notable for phone contracts, yet as of late the push for Internet and TV has developed exponentially. Verizon cases to work with customers in more than 100 countries.

Verizon Corporate Office

Verizon Headquarters & Corporate Office Info:

Verizon Headquarters Address: There is Two Verizon headquarters address.

Verizon Headquarters 140 W. St. New York, NY 10007


Verizon Headquarters 1095 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036
Phone Numbers: Call (1-212-395-1000) or fax (1-212-517-1897)

Verizon Address Maps:

Executive Leadership Team:

Lowell McAdam – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
John Stratton – Executive Vice President and Global Enterprise President
Roy Chestnutt – Executive Vice President
Nancy Clark – Senior Vice President
Roger Gurnani – Executive Vice President
Michael Stefanski – Senior Vice President
Marc Reed – Executive Vice President and CAO
Rose Stuckey Kirk – Verizon Foundation President and Vice President
Francis Shammo – Executive Vice President and CFO
Marni Walden – Executive Vice President
Matthew Ellis – Senior Vice President
Daniel Mead – Executive Vice President
William Horton Jr. – Senior Vice President
Anthony Melone – Executive Vice President
Shane Sanders – Senior Vice President
Randal Milch – Executive Vice President
Anthony Skiadas – Senior Vice President
W.R. Mudge – Consumer Markets President

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